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The Palm of Truth & Love

(Balance and Retribution)


The modern storyteller seeks to synergize ancient methods of documentation with communicative technology of the modern age. For the purposes of art, he will set foot upon soil which has been scarred by division. Lustful pride and hunger for power have tainted this land which still bears the name of the Goddess of Love. The storyteller will listen tentatively to her whispers as they reverberate through the valleys, accompanied in orchestra by the rustle of the leaves, the crashing of the waves and by voices. People from temples, churches and mosques are unified in chorus and will be asked, by the storyteller, to share with him their song. Poems will be heard, artworks visited, exhibitions, shows and performances of all varieties demonstrated in want of her name: Love;  by Jack Young.


You are redirected here because you have read already read Prolegomena, the Chronicles (The Angel's Nest /The City of Gold / The Diary of an Angel and the The Journey) because you want to see this journey complete. We will need sponsors to help us throughout the Journey. This project stands on its own as it always did carry on this way supported by fans and friends. We would appreciate small companies to be our sponsors (in Cyprus and Abroad) to contribute in selling or to rent necessary equipment, and rent space or provide food, water and sport clothing; supplies to complete this Journey.





For anyone who wishes to connect with me in person I will be happy to answer any question regarding the project and its journey through this page. You can add me as a friend through facebook Halkios or google + Halkios. Thank you.


If you wish to participate in the Diary of an Angel Project you can help by donations, share the site of Halkography with your friends and family through the links below or simply walk with me as I continue my walk called Odoiporiko (Οδοιπορικό) around the island of Cyprus since the 21st of September, 2013 and it will last for another 20 days of walk to cover approx. 550 km. I will visit more villages/towns/ archaeological sites, churches, mosques and temples of Cyprus and live broadcast the event through this site.  You can consult the Odoiporiko to see my routes and the affiliate Cities.


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