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About Lorrie

Lorrie Sarafin first heard the haunting sound of the Native American Flute at the 1993 Scottsdale Arts Festival and was instantly captivated by its beauty. She bought her first flute (which can be heard on the song "SHIFTING SANDS" from the MANY PATHS CD) in 1996 from a store in Old Town Scottsdale (Arizona USA) and took it out into the Arizona Sonoran Desert to learn how to play it. An avid hiker, Sarafin is fond of saying that it is the desert that taught her how to play; her teachers being the wind and all things in nature. Surprisingly, ten years later, Sara fin found herself being asked to play at the 2003 Scottsdale Arts Festival - the very venue where years before she had first heard the sound of the flute! Sarafin had come full circle on her musical journey.


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Sarafin has released two music CD's, SECOND WIND (2005) rated "5 star Excellent"  by ZoneMusicReporter's Bill Binkelman - and MANY PATHS (2010) which has been in the Top 30 at ZoneMusicReporter.com since January of 2010.


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"Sarafin displays an uncommon ability to traverse a variety of musical soundscapes with amazing ease and virtuosity. From the opening "The Last Buffalo" … to the breezy jazz leanings of the closing title track, Sarafin navigates ambient, Native flute, jazz fusion, new age, and ethno-tribal territory as if musical boundaries simply didn't exist for her. It is her startling versatility of talent which elevated the CD to the point where it made my best of 2010 list. Ambient fans, in particular, should sit up and pay notice. If Sarafin ever commits to an entire album of ethno-tribal music; well, as Neo once opined, "Whoa!"

~ Bill Binkelman, ZoneMusicReorter.com

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"…a rich emotional landscape of songs that runs the gamut from tribal beats to the soothing sounds of her flute offering us refuge from the stress of the every day world that we all face.  And when I say runs the gamut I do mean that literally. Check out the song Arrival which starts off simply enough with an acoustic guitar and Lorrie's flute being played hauntingly in the background and then sit in amazement as it shifts into a smooth jazz piece that doesn't lose the listener but pulls them along without missing a beat. A tricky move to be sure but Lorrie was able to pull it off…It is a refreshing approach to her signature Native American flute sound and through her skillful and imaginative handling of the songs she is able to express more of the emotions that live behind the songs that she composes…"

~Michael Foster, Ambient Visions

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 Celestial Seas


Collaboration with Fiona Joy Hawkins (another Diary member)


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Nature is what inspires Sarafin. "Being outside is like a balm for my soul. When I am in the desert and I can hear the quail, the doves, the cactus wrens, the coyotes, the hummingbirds and see javelina, jackrabbits, roadrunners, hawks, and all the various life forms which eke out their survival in this environment - I can feel the whole web of life and it's interconnectedness. What is reality? Is it the desert and nature? Or is it our daily working lives in the culture that has evolved around us? Do we all have a place and a path which will yet be revealed to us? Should we just blindly go through life not seeking out the mystery? Or do we take the chance and delve into the mystery? And what will happen if we do? What will happen if we don't?" "Life is a Great Mystery. Sometimes the veil parts a little and I think I can see and understand some. But then the veil closes and I feel like what I thought I understood wasn't at all something that I understood and then I'm more confused than ever. I do believe that we are all greater than we think we are. That each of us has a part to play in this reality. That finding the balance is crucial to our survival and the planet's survival. Then again, maybe all that is just wishful thinking and we are no more than a few carbon based units occupying a world which will go on with or without us. I don't know. But I do know that on a clear night, away from the lights of civilization - I stare at the same stars which were viewed by my ancestors long ago and find myself pondering the Great Mystery and thinking about the reality of a small blue planet on the edge of a galaxy in an infinite universe..."


From October 2011 thru April 2012, Sarafin will be playing her flutes every Thursday evening in Old Town Scottsdale (Arizona USA) as part of the Scottsdale, Arizona Artwalk. You can find her on the corner of 5th Ave and Stetson in front of the 5th Avenue Trading Post.


Sarafin has performed throughout the Phoenix, Arizona metro area, including:


Grief Counseling Sessions for Banner Hospice at Saguaro Lake Ranch Resort (2005-2006)

Doubletree Paradise Valley Resort and various outdoor weddings (South Mountain Park, Sedona’s Red Rock Crossing, and the Buttes in Tempe).

Sarafin has also volunteered her time to play for patients at Scottsdale Healthcare’s Osborn campus in an effort to promote healing.


Hidden in the Hills Art Tour at Beth Zink's Cave Creek Studio (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)




Old Town Scottsdale Artwalk (Thursdays 7-9 PM corner of 5th Ave & Stetson)

2nd Annual Cave Creek Indian Market - Stagecoach Village, Cave Creek, AZ 

2nd Annual Stagecoach Village Fine Art and Culinary Festival, Cave Creek, AZ




The Market on High Street Farmer's Market, Phoenix, AZ 

40th Annual Litchfield Park Art Festival, Litchfield Park Arizona USA 

Stagecoach Village Fine Wine and Art Festival, Cave Creek, AZ  

Stagecoach Village 2nd Annual Holiday Festival 




2007 Farmer's Markets at the Borgata in Scottsdale and at Estrella Mountain Ranch Yacht Club

Pima Plaza in Old Town Scottsdale (2007)

2008 Farmer's Markets at the Borgata and Desert Canyon Center in Scottsdale, AZ

Out West Art Fest in Cave Creek, AZ (2008, 2009)



Arizona Mills Mall at Virgin Records (1999)

Chandler Center for the Arts (as part of the Intel 2000 and 2001 Benefit Talent Shows)

Camelback Inn (as part of the 47th Annual NCCJ Humanitarian Awards Dinner - 2001)

2001 Great Human Race (an event to raise money for Valley non-profits)

South Mountain Park (Annual Holiday Hikes for the years 2000 through 2003)

Barnes and Noble Cafe (Chandler 2002)

2003 National Public Lands Day at South Mountain Park

2003 Old Town Scottsdale Artwalk

2003 Scottsdale Arts Festival (where she appeared on three different stages during the course of the three day festival)


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