Message from Steven

"I am Steven Castle and I was born on the 9th of February 1980. I have two beautiful daughters and a beautiful wife. I am the operations manager at the Olympic Dam Airport in South Australia. I have been writing for 10 years now but only in the past 5 has it been a part of my life. My passion from writing grew as I was reading more and more beautiful pieces from friends I had found on the internet which gave me the confidence to continue to write and to feel I was good at what I was doing.   

This then presented me with the awesome honor of becoming a member of The Diary of Angels which has been a wonderful experience as it has connected me to so many talented artists. It is a pleasure to have already written in the Diary and to have read all the other beautiful pieces that were already in the Diary, one of the other great things about it was the concept of the feather pen which one of the other members sends you a Feather pen and then you send one onto another member, mine is a black feather pen. It will be a great shame if the diary is not recognised as a piece of history as it has taken a great journey around the world and has connected so many people together. It needs to be seen by as many as it can or it could be lost forever and only those who have written in it will remember."


Simple Beauty of Love


Bright blue sky on such a glorious day

Hands held walking through the suns ray

Waves rolling in on the beautiful bay

Stop or keep going, no lets just stay

A kiss on the cheek to show happiness there

Soft sand underneath makes a nice chair

Sitting looking out beyond,

lets simply stare

60 years married and still a beautiful pair


© All rights reserved to the poetry and writings by  Steven Castle aka Australian Prince





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