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 "Collecting Memories and Dreams... " (poetry, photography, wall and video art) 

I started writing poetry and some prose on the 29th of March, 2006. And in summer of 2007, I bought myself my first professional camera. I used the lens of a camera to open my eyes and focus into details of color, and shapes seduced by the beauty of darkness, the silenced “soulless” objects around me, objects found in the garbage made of human pride and the careless consumer. Later on I recruited almost all my friends to the reflected world of those unique lens and collected several portraits photographs from the people I really loved. Many of my works have been recorded in MySpace, Facebook and Deviant and the whole of my work finds today a shelter under the pages of this site.


The Angel’s Nest and the Copper Child © 

(a concept, a house, a story)

In November 2006, In a house in Amaroussion (Maroussi), I created a world, called, the Angel’s Nest. I placed there, thoughts on a paper, images on frames, videos on screen, paints on walls and a dreamer’s wish, that one day I could share all these with the World.

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The City of Gold and the 91 Artists © 


 (a concept, a story, a belief )

In July 2007, I invited Artists to join me into a world lost in space and time, beyond political, social and religious differences, where 91 Artists would share their individuality through Art, under one universal project, The Diary of an Angel. Their testimonies can be found under the following galleries:


Galleries of the City of Gold



The Diary of an Angel and the Trail of Dawn © 


(a concept, a book, a journey)


Since August 2008, a book called The Diary of an Angel is traveling to countries around the world, spreading the Message of unconditional Love. Would you wish to find more; browse these pages and you will be able to read about the 91 Artists involved, their Biographies, and their works.


Galleries of The Diary



(the milestones the diary have accomblished between 2008 and 2013)


The Trail of Dawn 

(the journeys that the diary have accomblished between 2008 and 2013)



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The Halkoems © 

(video art)

Collecting the images, binding them with poetry and addressing always to the soul, vibrating through Music, I expressed myself experimenting with video art and I called my video/video poems Halkoems. And as soon as the galleries of the images I had collected became a few, as they have formed the frames of a larger picture, became my story and along with smaller individual ones, my expression, the world I lived in, ever since; The Angel's Nest.

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(I have deleted my membership to protest against tha savage deletion of all my pages and blogs under three profiles related with my work and the Diary and of 45 friends of mine  for an amout of artwork published there between 2007 and 2011)





The ties that bind a man to all his friends

Are those which cause his values to unfold

And make him quick to secure pleasant ends

Creating harmony before he’s told

Content within the constraints of their love

Yet perfectly fulfilled with his own lot

Garnering insight as if from above

Enduring patiently when it is not

Experiencing wealth in the shared stake

Contributing his part to common weal

Enabling the same for others’ sake

Delighting in their gain with heartfelt zeal

Determined to bring his vision to birth

The angels’ nest is spread across the earth


Gianni Di Miele aka Giannii © 2010


Halo of Halkios

Spirit star within her heart.



She will not be human again

Butterflies are an angel's halo.

Silk glides over the etheric in ripples of gold.

Further up, further in.


by Mary Margaret Schell aka Herald Dean 2008


 Have so much to give to others in dark times you have been there for me and I know others. You can see this in you. When we fail, get our lowest is our time to reach out to God...... And reach up ... Give him glory... So he can then shine on you. You are beautiful! You will see. You are loved and you are not alone! Most beautiful gifts don't see whats in the package. Others open them up!  I love you Halacionions! My tear-drop angel! by Mary Margaret Schell © 2009


Tribute to Halkios from Maryann

by Maryann Corrigan aka Why I Otter


© All rights reserved to the writings, the poetry, the artwork, the video art by Halkios




Copyright  © 5764  / 2004. All Rights reserved to the concepts, writings, poetry, photography and video art by Halkios. All thoughts sealed long ago in a contract with the universe. No recreation of these scrolls, in any shape or means of force, is tolerable without articulate consent of the intrepid architect.