Message from Craig

"For the most part I am just an ordinary guy trying to make my way through life with compassion, honesty and integrity. I was born, raised and currently live in Massachusetts United States. I started writing poetry and stories in 2007 as a way to release emotions and constant thoughts. I've found a great passion in doing so". When I first held the Diary of an Angel in my hands, I felt a simple joy and peace that cannot be described. The complete love, hope and compassion of everyone involved was now tangible. I could feel the energy. I could smell the aspirations and joy. I could see every last bit of the souls involved in the effort. It truly is a project that has transcended borders, bringing people closer together." 

Notes from Mary

"Craig Fallon (The Falcon) has been my friend for what seems forever on Myspace. We both have been involved with The Legacy Writers of Harmony Pub since it started and both of us have been hosts. We were also friends on several other sites. A man who I will openly admit I admire for his wordplay and ability to pen the most difficult of poetic forms with ease and beauty. His wit and humor are charming. His intelligence understated but apparent. He was someone I was anxious to meet. Francis was quick to see what I admired when we met him. He was impressed with this poet who was quiet but sharp and what he said carried a weight. What a pleasure it was to walk around Walden's Pond with this Poet, without a word we shared this place and all who were with us that day knew how special this was. He had not been there before either, and I know he was as moved as I was. I do believe he chuckled with Joanie at my delight in seeing my first Apple tree. This is a man I share so many friends with, yet I had never met him in person. It did not really feel like a first meeting, for once again this was someone I had shared ink with so many times that it was like our hearts had met long before our bodies. As he and Joanie shared with us the beauty of a New England Autumn, we got to bond in only ways poets can bond. Francis also adored meeting this young man, but for me this was a very special meeting and I thank him for taking extra time to spend with us. If you have not read his poetry, please take time to read him. It will be a special treat. As for Francis and I, we look forward to seeing Craig again."craig and lissa

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Blue Turtle's Crossing


Notes from Mary

Diary with Falcon; we are meeting them (he and Joanie) in a few and going to see the sites; we may visit Waldons Pond where Thoreau lived and wrote hugs all posted a few pics via phone last night


From the Fairwell Party in Rhode Island




His poem about Love...


you snuck
up on me
without warning;
Caressing my heart
softly, in gentle hands.
You stoked emotions within.
Emotions which had lain dormant
for so very long—I hardly knew.
And I doubted their very existence.
Yet, in you I have found all the answers.
Answers to questions I never asked;
You rekindled my hope and joy,
breathed life into my darkness.
Shed light upon my pain,
and in so doing
you rescued me
from this hell;

You saved me.


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