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Message from Shirley

"For my friends who do not know about the Diary of an Angel journey, I was blessed, over five years ago, to be invited to join a group of writers, poets, and artists in a wonderful project. It is the brainchild of a brilliant man from Greece, Halkios. This international project connect 91 chosen "Angels" via a leather bound diary. The Diary has made a two year journey to get to me. It will travel three more years before it becomes "one". Each of us has a turn to fill our own pages in this book with whatever we feel inspired to share. We have four pages each. When the Diary's journey ends, it will start another--on the way to becoming a book. I am grateful and honored to be a part of the journey. I hope you enjoy the beautiful video Halkios made from my photos and poetry down below." 

“The Diary experience is one I will never forget, and always treasure. I read through the pages already done before me, and those words are still warm in my heart. I feel so blessed to be a part of this journey”

Notes From Mary

"Francis and I ventured to Georgia the first part of September to meet the Georgia Angel. She lives east of Athens, Georgia near the University of Georgia. It is in the foothills and is a gorgeous area filled with small towns that are oozing with history. The roads are lined with fruit/produce stands and the area is largely agricultural. Antebellum homes nestle along roads that have existed since prior to the Civil War. It is quite easy to see what inspires the artist from Georgia. We are pleased to present to you Shirley Alexander, our Georgia Angel.

Shirley is a delight and so multi-talented. She is so many things and does all of them so well. She is first a mother and grandmother, a small business owner, a poet, a painter, and a photographer. Her voice reminds me of Paula Deen (an American cook, restaurateur, author, actress and Emmy Award-winning television personality.). She has a perky personality that is always upbeat and friendly. Her smile is infectious. There is a strength that is there but it is not what you first notice. Love of her family and Georgia is apparent when she speaks. It is from her life that she draws you into her art. Her art in its many formats captures you and takes you to the place in so many ways.

She took time from her busy schedule to spend several days with Francis and me. We got to know this lady in a special way, sharing time in a quiet RV Camp that had two lakes and quaint kitzy art. When most people think of Georgia, they think of peaches, but after meeting Shirley I believe I will think of Magnolia Trees, for she reminds me of them, vivid, strong, and so beautiful. She is a lady who can definitely cook the bacon, but has the talent to earn the money to buy the bacon first.

Like all of us, Shirley has had her fair share of challenges along life's road. When she was recovering from a broken leg, she started writing poetry again, she had written as a child. When she had to walk instead of run, she learned to take a camera with her. The accident forced her to take time for herself and in the process of doing that she joined some writing communities. We benefit from this as we get to read and see her art. Shirley spoke quite often of her brother. Sadly she lost him to ALS a few years ago, but as sad as that loss was she has taken that loss and dealt with it admirably. She took care of him in his last days, which was a task done with great care and love. She cherished this time with him. She developed ways to communicate in the last days and even wrote his eulogy with him. There is a great deal to learn from her, when you hear her speak of this time. But what shone to me, was that she saw taking care of him as a privilege and how positive her words are about this situation. She speaks of their childhood with great joy and feels he is still with her. Her faith shines through not because she refers to it, but because she lives it.

We hope that you will check out Shirley's poetry, paintings, and photography. We sincerely thank her for the time she took to spend with us. Francis and I truly hope to spend more time with her one day."




Shirley's Tribute


Tricking The Reaper Halkoem Official ft. Nova June's "More"  


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Video Extracts by Music by Nova June "More"

Tricking The Reaper Poetry & Art by Shirley Alexander

Video Art by Halkios



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