Neil and Gail

Message from Neil

Neil white was born on the 12th of October of 1949, and lived in London all my life. And have been married nearly 31 years to  my lovely Gail I have two wonderful kids (true) Zak and Lauren both now grown up. With one grandchild, so far, from Zak, utterly gorgeous Luella, I am now retired, though I tell everyone I’m out of work as I have another three years till I’m 65 and get my government pension. Started writing poetry when I was about 20 years old, as with all things the early work is a bit crude and it took a long time before I would have what you would call a style, and my music started much later not till I was well over 40, and is still in the development stage. I was both surprised and delighted when Halkios asked if I wanted to take part in the “Diary of an angel” and I do hope you like what I have included.        




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