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Notes from Kostas Koumpiadis

I was born on 31 March 1990 in the city of Athens, Greece. Since a very young age I developed a taste for music, especially hard music, due to my father being the guitarist in a semi-professional rock band. I taught myself to play the guitar as I was too selfish to take lessons! J As a child I dreamed of performing with my own band in the same bars and venues my father’s band did and this was my only musical goal. Fortunately, this actually came true quite soon. Obviously I realized that there are quite a few prospects in the field of music besides one trying to imitate his father. I wanted to study music in depth academically and this is why I started taking guitar, vocal and music theory lessons. After two years of lessons I applied for the Music Performance/Composition course in the London College of Music, I was accepted and now I am at the final year of my studies. This was probably the most important milestone of my life.

At the moment I am still performing with “V.o.M.”, the band my brother and I formed about 9 years ago mostly for the fun of it and I am working on a personal project of my own compositions (including “Are you with me?”). I was also only recently hired by the metal band “Hannibal” as a guitarist and backing vocalist. You can learn more about the band at: https://www.facebook.com/Hannibalnation and http://www.hannibalnation.co.uk/ .

My advice to everyone who is associated with music in any way, whether being a professional or amateur or just a listener, is to always be open-minded, never be prejudiced and always try to gain the most they can from any musical experience regardless of genre and quality. 


© All rights reserved to the  poetry and writings by Kostas Koumpiadis aka Kostas B. Hades




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