Message from Mary Margaret

Heralding in the year of 1967, I was born in Fremont Ohio. My name is Mary Margaret Schell.  I wrote my first poem when I was 11 years old;  from then on I was smitten with writing and I graduated in 1985 from North Dartmouth Mass and went to school for computer science and medical terminology. Later moved to Flagler Florida and I got a House and I have been married for 26 years. I became a mommy to two beautiful sons.

When I started in the social network of MySpace I joined the Legacy Writers and I have been a host for a while of a challenge called Magic Monday  and that went for about a year and then in the social network of Friendburst for another year. Then I became a co-Host in Linda's Poetry Nest for of couple months. I got involved with the Diary of an Angel project since July 2007, when Halkios asked me to jump in his virtual adventure that later on became a reality. On the 8th of March of 2009, I received the Diary of an Angel at home and on the 14th of March I gave it away for its long journey The Thunderbuss Journey to the Messengers Mary and Francis Young.




Love is the word

True... not still

Love is the liquid 

For the hearts to be filled 





© All rights reserved to the  poetry and writings by Mary Margaret Schell aka Herald Dean


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