The Art of Orange



"scent, vapors, heat and the Art of Orange,

ode to the breeze of countless waves... "


Its color is orange. Its name is "The Art Of Orange". It is the sixth plane  of the sacred city, bathed in the hues of orange. They are 13 gates in this plane, all leading to 13 different realms through a passage.

The Art of Orange


 The Shadow Of Hours (Kostas Babaletsos & Mihalis Lekkakos)

Family (George & Koula)

Fotoskiase (Alexis Karafeskos)

From Dusk till Dawn (Mary Margaret Schell aka Herald Dean)

Primavera (Colleen Keller Breuning aka Colleen)

Florilegium (Wendy Milne)

Tangerine Dream (Nancy Lee)

Brothers In Art | Jeff (Jeff Glenn aka Big Papa)

Brothers In Art | Steven (Steven Glenn)

Hues Of Peach (Shirley Alexander)

Carolina Girls | Rebecca (Rebecca S. Revels)

Carolina Girls | Connie (Connie Hearin Anderson)

Virtual Flower (Stacy A. Foster)

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