Seduction by Cheryl Ann Darr


She knows his eyes are on her as she gently crosses her legs
The fabric of her skirt rising high upon a slender thigh
His expression is one of longing, his eyes nearly beg
As she gazes at him intently with a smile, meeting his eyes

She rises from her chair and bridges the gaping maw between them
Her movements are as fluid as the clinging silk of her blouse
She leans close to his ear leaving behind a breathless whisper
About coming up to her room and playing a little game of house

He follows close behind her, enmeshed with this game
Trying not to breathe too heavily or awaken from the dream
His life up to this moment had been so sheltered and tame
Next he knows they're at her door and coming apart at the seams

She pulls him through the entrance, shrugging his coat from his frame
Her hands had found his tie, pulling him close into a heated kiss
He tries to speak around her hungry kisses, so insane
But she only pulled him closer, letting him know words remiss

The night was full of heated frenzy, deep moans and breathless sighs
Until he awakened at long last in a tangle of blankets and sweat
To an empty bed without her, how could this passion be a lie?
Left with only a memory of madness and lust, and a little regret


© Copyright 2008  by Cheryl Ann Darr aka Lady ~M ~



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