2009-02-07 Mary Young and Cheryl Darr

Cheryl's Message

"My name is Cheryl Ann Darr. I am the first Angel of the Diary after Halkios, The Copper Child. I was born the 30th of December, 1958 and I am from Godfrey, Illinois. I have three children and four grandchildren. They are my life! I used to manage a poetry site called Legacy Writers of Harmony Pub where the most wonderful people host and wrote there. Everyone was welcome to join us. I lived in Winfield, Missouri when the Diary was developing and beginning.

I saw it again about midway though it’s journey while living in Mississippi, and have been told that I will see it in its completion. The Diary of an Angel is a unique endeavor; as we have vowed to share our love for the Arts, our friendship with each other, (no matter where we are in the world) and fellowship one with another throughout its journey.

The first time I held the Diary I was overwhelmed by it. The weight of it was like hope for the future. In this war torn world, our message of peace and love are welcome, I believe. We are showing through this sharing that we can all connect no matter what color, creed, gender or nationality we are. The second time the Diary came into my hands, I was amazed by the weight of it, the worn pages at the beginning were like a secret shared and beheld. There were trinkets, post cards, snapshots, poetry, drawings and a oneness that is hard to describe. I am now living in Oklahoma, having found love for a man and am very happy. I look forward each time I read another story by one of the Angels about their relationship with the Diary of an Angel. Each carries a message of love and togetherness for all involved. Indeed the Angel is one, our hearts forever touched by having held it in our hands..."

Her Message the Day the Diary arrived

"The Diary arrived in my home with much fanfare! My son in law retrieved it from the postman announcing that I had a package from Greece. The children, Abigail and Anna were very intrigued, because Granny had a package from another country! I took the package, and was amazed by its weight, I opened it carefully, just to look quickly, making sure that the precious contents were safe, and then glancing at the writing. It was real and it was here in my home. I decided to wait until all were asleep before greeting the tome properly to explore its contents. Abby carried it downstairs for me, proud to get to hold it, and gently laid it on my bed. When the house was quiet, I retrieved the Diary that I'd put on a high bookshelf and sat in my comfortable chair in my bedroom. I studied the package, so many Greek stamps on the cover of the large parcel envelope! They were quite beautiful, telling their own story. The posting ticket was written in the Greek language, so beautiful, like an ancient codex to me. I was suddenly overwhelmed by our undertaking, my friends. I was in awe of the man who began this journey, a multi-lingual world traveler with a heart for love. Opening the flap of the envelope, I slipped out the personal letter written to me from my dear friend, Halkios. His handwriting, as exotic as he is, leapt off the page and touched my own spirit with his. After reading the letter, only then did I remove the Diary from its protective coverings; the aroma of leather accosting my nostrils and sending long forgotten memories into my inner psyche, of saddles and horses, leather boots and shoe cobblers; all rushing at once into thought as I experienced the distinct aroma of fine leather. The leather of the book, like skin, finely tooled and bound with such exquisite craftsmanship, was amazing to me. I inhaled every nuance to remember this moment, a moment that I understood would only come once in my lifetime, and I relished it like a lover, gently running fingertips along the tooling, marveling at the artist's care in its creation. On the cover was the tattoo, the anchor and heart with two doves flying above it, all entwined together in exquisite symbolism of Love's story? I touched it, and could feel the pattern with my fingertips, not just printed, but imprinted into the cover like a brand upon supple flesh. The lettering under the image was the same, and I realized suddenly that my fingers tingled as I traced the pattern. Turning the cover, I was in awe. It was like opening a great door, heavy and substantial and it came to me then as I read Halkios' first entry of the sheer weight of what we are doing. Together we are substantial, we have worth. Our words, weighty and true, give meaning to our goals, that of Truth, Love, and Art, having faith in one another on this most auspicious path. Yes, the Diary of an Angel is in Missouri, the Show Me state. The flood waters have receded and the Angel is One as we journey, touching spirits until it's return to the Angel's Nest."

9th of August 2008, Cheryl Darr ~M~


Notes from Halkios

In 2007 Cheryl, formed The Legacy Writers a group of writers helping writers to succeed. Through her blog called Harmony Pub in MySpace, she sought for hosts to present a challenge for each day. Every different day a host would propose a new theme to steer the senses of Artists inviting them in, to play because she never felt that you have to be a college educated to have something to say. As a founder and host she would welcome you in her Pub, to come in, have a seat by the fire and enjoy ale or two. She would ask you to share with her, poetry in the true bardic tradition -make a friend or two-, and enjoy your stay! She is known as Lady ~M~; you won’t find slam poetry on her site, nor pornography. She never discriminated against any writing; however, her site is not for that purpose. She does not engage in hate writing of any kind. She does not discriminate against people of color or nationality, people with disabilities or anyone! She believes that everyone has value and she would like to meet you and share your thoughts with her. Writing from the heart is what Harmony Pub was about. She made it possible for many artists and not, to meet other already published writers through the weekly challenges and they were happy to talk to everybody about their work. In addition, some of the Legacy Writers are also artists, photographers and song writers.


Harmony Pub is not active today since MYSPACE deleted all out blogs leaving only their avatars.  Her goal was to build a legacy of writing that people would be proud for their family and friends to read and I think she succeeded. Many of the writers I chose for the Diary, where also Legacy Writers and hosts in most of the weeks' challenges. So I am grateful that she gave me the chance to meet and express with and through these talented people. One of the many halkoems made to remember the good ol' days is found below with extracts of poetry from the echoes of this virtual pilgrimage and the voice given from those few who seemed to have passed unknown and undelivered but You one of the many who are reading these pages now shall understand the passion of an artist and a pacifist's soul, their message is now yours:


The Legacy Writers present 

where the heart of every Artist beats;


in Harmony... | halkios 2008


The Legacy 

a Halkoem ft. Halo | John Serrie & Ludovico Einaudi 


Cheryl and I have collaborated in many challenges and back in 2007 we would spend days and nights, exchanging thoughts and stanzas; decorating the virtual challenge of Harmony Pub, where I used to operate as the g-host, the ghost writer of Harmony Pub; together we had been creating a real challenge for those who shared with us the gift of poetry. We wrote "Defining Love", we collaborated with Mary Ann Corrigan writing an elegy called "I, I am a Solitary Rythm" a collaboration by our poetic trio called "The Three Lyres" which later it was transformed into a Halkoem. Some of our poetry like "Seduction & Passion" and "Time is a Feeling"  and " I am Love" were also transformed to Halkoems and can be found here under The Halkoems ©.

Cheryl aslo wrote four poems and dedicated them to the Diary "Behind the Veil",  "I take wing..", "The Painting", "Kissed by a Ring".


Her Poem About Love

I am Love 


Lost am I and floating through time,

Eons pass in a blink of an eye;

Seeeking am I that perfect source,

in beginnings that never die.

In the ethereal mists I hear your voice,

in breathless whispers that caress my soul.

Breathing those sacred words into forever...

Here is Love...

I am Love...


by Lady ~M~, a Legacy Writer 


(part of a collaboration between Cheryl Ann Darr and Halkios)

(if you like to watch the whole video of the collaboration with Video Art by Halkios please click here Celestial Reasoning )


© All rights reserved to the poetry and writings by Cheryl Ann Darr aka Lady ~M ~


Copyright  © 5764  / 2004. All Rights reserved to the concepts, writings, poetry, photography and video art by Halkios. All thoughts sealed long ago in a contract with the universe. No recreation of these scrolls, in any shape or means of force, is tolerable without articulate consent of the intrepid architect.