Defining love


In dreams and in love
there are no impossibilities. (Janos Arnay)
No rivers too deep to cross
or barriers to keep us apart .

No mountains to walk through
nor dams to break
In dreams and in Love
I ache for your Kiss
in all its possibilities

a kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature (In. Bergman)
the seductive aspect of the soul
Gift of Nature, to Man
left to Love by Angels
the seductive aspect of God

I love you not only for what you are, (Roy Croft)
I am you, and you are my friend
to stop words when speech becomes superfluous (In. Bergman)
to stop the thought when our bodies merge
but for what I am when I am with you (Roy Croft)
I am with you and thee are my lover

Ocean and Lava
become Sculpture of thee
The Sky and The grass
is the Art of thee

Four elements spread throughout your Word
and is the Sound of thee
One Element holds four in its Heart
and is the Image of thee

There are no limits too vast
and neither of us have a past.
In dreams and in love
There are no impossibilities

There are chances that last
but both of us hold one future
In dreams and in love
with all its possibilities

My day has become
the twillight's tear because of you
My night has become
a sunny dawn because of you. (Ibn Abbad)

Every day is filled with hope
that ends in glorious dreams.
Your love is the lantern
that in the darkness, gleams.

Every Night is like an endless memory of you
that starts with sacred hymns
Your love is the shrine
that in the sunlight, endlessly shine.

My night has become
a sunny dawn because of you.(Ibn Abbad)
My day has become
the twillight's tear because of you

What I do and what I dream include thee,
As the wine must taste of it’s own grapes…(Elizabeth Barrett Browning)
Meet me half way in a dream my love,
Let us at last make our greatest escape.

As I see your lips move towards me
Rejoice will make it become real
Our Choice will make it divine
your taste the most pleasant delight

Your words are my food,
your breath my wine.
You are everything to me. (Sarah Bernhardt)
Your kisses are as sweet
As the grapes on the vine.
You fulfill my dreams.

As I hear your breath flow in my lung
As I devour your sweat with my tongue
You are everything to me.
Your kisses are a gift
as the vine to humankind
You fulfill my dreams.

Love is composed of a single soul
inhabitting two bodies (Aristotle)
You are the sun, I am the moon;
together, we are the universe.
I am the Tide and you the Shore
apart, the abyss with no end

For me, the tides' ebb and flow
are measured by my love for thee.
Take away our love
and our earth is a tomb. (Robert Browning)
the Shores that await of thee caress
are as many as my love longs for thy
Take away our Love
and the skies will fall


© Cheryl Ann Darr aka Lady ~M ~ &  Halkios

Copyright  © 5764  / 2004. All Rights reserved to the concepts, writings, poetry, photography and video art by Halkios. All thoughts sealed long ago in a contract with the universe. No recreation of these scrolls, in any shape or means of force, is tolerable without articulate consent of the intrepid architect.